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Robots robots robots …

My youngest brother just graduated from high school, and like his brothers, he plans on serving his country in the US Army, which awarded him a scholarship to study engineering in college while training to be an officer.

I admire and support his decision to commit to officer’s training; I don’t though envy him though.  It’s not because the US is in a land war in Asia; it’s because the future looks so uncertain for purposes of planning a career … we may hardly comprehend or even imagine today what our economy and technologies will look like in 40 years.

The rate of change only continues to increase.  The world in 2000 AD looked nothing like the world of 1900.  I’m afraid 2100 will be even more dramatically removed from what life in 2000 was like.  The founder of, Marshall Brain, hasa thoughtful essay on this topic titled Robotic Nation here.

National Review comments in their May 3 edition:

We have been hearing for some time — about a century — that we shall soon have robots to take over low-level manual tasks, leaving the human population free to write sonnets, compose symphonies, or paint in oils.  Perhaps there is something to it: Researchers at the University of California – Berkeley, have just demonstrated a robot that can fold towels.  There’s some way to go yet, though, before all drudgery is purged from our lives: The mechanical marvel takes an average of 25 minutes to fold one towel.