Sexless Humans …

I’m not at all against technology; it makes life more predictable and safe and often more interesting.  It can, however, also detract from the pleasures of life. For example, the PDA is great technology, but it can take away from family time and family communications.  Technology can also take away from what it means to be human.  Here’s an instance where technology may do both.  The UK’s Daily Mail reports that “scientists” opine: Sex will not be used to have babies in just 10 years, as couples turn to IVF 

Maybe the Luddites were on to something?


Visiting home …

Grand River


Old grey mists fleeting past               

We were summer’s children               

With warm grandparents in winter                

We were together only yesterday          


Forests and playfields gone               

28 empty theatres                               

Quiet houses, lonely streets               

They were real only yesterday           


New faces and buildings

My children now laughing                 

Grandparents hugging smiles 

Time flowing on like yesterday.