God is Great!  This is a day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.  Life can be really hard, fascinating, lovely, tragic, and beautiful all at the same time.  It’s always interesting.  God’s ways are not our ways.  He is holy and eternal.  We are fleeting mists, prone to belly button gazing and born to rebellion but born again to life eternal through Jesus Christ. If you will humble yourself and accept His free gift.  Since the fall, the sons of Adam and daughters of Eve challenge and rebell against God and question whether God really said that. The blood of Adam is rebellion.  The blood of Christ is salvation. Marriage and parenting are the most terrific and difficult and rewarding of endeavors. Jesus Christ is my lord, savior, and perfecter. He will restore those that place their trust in him.  All things will be made new again.  Love is the life-blood of existence.  God is love.  Hell is real.  Christ taught more about the reality of eternal and tormenting judgment than he did about love.  My brother and some friends post here.  Homeschooling rocks.  So does spell check.  Big and centralized power has a blood stained multi-millenial history.  Triathlons can be mindlessly addictive and fun and much healthier than television.

This and other stuff sums up what this blog is about.

My testimony: Tony’s testimony (at AiG)

Peace in Christ,


2 replies on “About”

Kudos Tony! This whole thing is so unbelievable I wonder if there wasn’t some bad blood somewhere before this past weekend.

Tom and Lynnette Williams
Vision Weekend ’09

Hello Tom & Lynnette! Good to hear from you. Don’t believe there was any bad blood. To the contrary, GHC’s publications “gushed” over AiG … very surprising turn of events.

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