Thanks and Praise III

 Nos. 1- 10, 11-20,

21.  God whispers

22. Fresh pineapples from Hawaii

23. Cheeseburgers fresh off the grill and hot, buttery, salty corn on the cob, and seconds on those cheeseburgers

24. God’s incredible creativity

25. We live in a land where we are free to worship and praise God

26. God hears our worship, praise and prayers

27. How incredibly made is the human body

28. Faith in eternity

29. A loving, faithful wife

30. the Gettys

politics, economy, etc.

Your federal tax dollars at work: renting from Hamas

From the Investigative Project on Terrorism: Government Pays Mosque it Considers Radical

My political outrage meter is so worn from the past year that this hardly registers … but it should.