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True Beauty

The apostle Paul encourages us to focus on those things that are good and pure.  Mother’s day is a day devoted to just that – celebrating and rejoicing in one of the purest and best aspects of humanity.  The bond of mother and child is one of our strongest and most intimate forces.  Praise God for the love of and for our mothers.

I thank God for the woman who gave me birth and raised me and for the woman who has given selflessly of herself to birth and raise our children.  My wife’s love for our children is as certain and steady and warming as the sunrise.  I thank God also for my grandmothers who loved my parents into existence, and then me, my siblings, and my cousins.

We really shouldn’t need a particular day to celebrate mothers.  The birthday of each child should be a celebration of the birth, i.e. a celebration of what God has accomplished through the mother’s labor.  The child should bring gifts to the mother.  That is not, however, the nature of parenting, particularly of motherhood. 

There’s an old Hebrew proverb, God could not be everywhere, so he made mothers.  While I disagree with that theology, I agree with its sentiment.  Motherly love is perhaps the closest our fallen race gets to godliness.  Self-sacrificing love is the essence of motherhood.  Thank you Moms!