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I’ve been surprised by the increasing numbers of horoscopes that friends post to their Facebook pages and FB “horoscope” application invites I’ve received.  Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised.  The daily horoscope is as fundamental a part of the American daily newspaper as is the funnies and editorial page.  I seem to recall that many papers used to list the page number of daily horoscopes on the front page.  Horoscopes are an accepted part of modern American culture.

So here’s a Christian horoscope, good for any day and any sign:  Today is a day you should shout for JOY to the Lord and worship the Lord with gladness.  Come before him with grateful hearts and enter his gates with thanksgiving.  Know that the Lord is good and his love endures forever.  Take every opportunity today to pray and to bless others with love and grace.  Look for an opportunity to serve, particularly those that wouldn’t expect that from you.  Tell somebody about Jesus today.  You don’t have a lucky number or color.  Finally, don’t be afraid to shout “God is great!”, particularly in a crowded area.  If you follow this advice and place your trust and faith in Christ, a peace that transcends understanding will be yours.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: this isn’t a “horoscope.” Bye definition a horoscope is a prediction of events based on a diagram of the stars and planets.  My forecast is not based on astrology but is based entirely on what the Bible promises (and confirmed by experience).  So … it’s really not a “horoscope” and for good reason.

It helps to be clear on what horoscopes are: a visual representation of the heavens, for a specific moment in time in order to interpret the inherent meaning underlying the alignment of the planets at that moment. The idea is that the placement of the planets at any given moment in time reflects the nature of that moment and especially anything that is born then, and this can be analyzed using the chart and a variety of rules for interpreting the ‘language’ or symbols therein.

Although horoscopes are popular, whether you are a Pisces, Cancer, or Leo, or whatever sign of the zodiac, if you profess Christ as Lord, you should not entertain, read, flirt with, publish or otherwise play around with astrology, to include horoscopes.  This isn’t just my opinion. 

The OT is clear in condemning the worship of heavenly bodies (see, e.g. Deut. 4:19; 17:2-5; II Kings 17:16).  … But such worship is not the same as the practice of astrology.  Isaiah referred specifically to stargazers, to ‘those who divide the heavens,’ those who distinguish the signs of the zodiac (47:13).  His condemnation of them was clear in his declaration that they could not even save themselves.

HF Vos, Evangelical Dict. of Theology 93 (Baker 1984).

I know, the majority of Christians that read astrology stuff and post it on their social websites don’t really believe it … it’s just silly and entertaining.  That it might entertain, however, is not a good reason to consult a horoscope.  It’s not good entertainment.  God flat-out says he doesn’t like it.  It’s a pagan tradition.  Abstain from all appearances of evil –  I Thess. 5:22.  Horoscopes advocate faith in something other than God, and they are a form of divination

The God who made the stars and moon and planets asks us to pray to him always.  We should place our faith in him, not in what he created.  Through prayer and meditation and studying the Bible, he speaks directly to us and guides us.  The living God of all that is seen and unseen wants communion with us, to give us direction, meaning, and peace.  We shouldn’t insult him by entertaining what star diviners conjure up.  Don’t waste your time with the pagan mystical when the true and eternal and very personal God calls you to himself.  We should resist going along with popular culture and treating it as something cute and fun when it’s something offensive to Christ.  Just walk away from it.

If you really need a daily dose of something deep and tought provoking to help with your prayer and bible reading, try Spurgeon instead of the zodiac.  A good site for a daily dose of Spurgeon in modern English is here.  Well, if Spurgeon is too dated … there’s always the Charles Spurgeon of Columbia, SC, our own Reverend Travis, audio here.

Regarding the claim that the Zodiac reflects the Gospel, see Danny Faulkner’s article: The Gospel Message—Written in the Stars?

By Christ Ranger

God is great!

2 replies on “Christian Horoscope”

I just read “The Gospel Message—Written in the Stars?” artilce by danny Faulkner and I agree only in part. The Gospel was/is a mystery to those who do not know or believe into the child-like simplicity of the truth Jesue gave his life for, thus allowing the regeneration of the soul and mind to have a direct connection with The Eternal Createro, God and Father of our Lord and his children. Bullingers book Written in the Stars is one of the best books about this and unfortunatley too many Christians cannot get past the carnal world views they have be indoctrinated into, nevermind believing that the Holy Spirit desires to be their direct teacher who will assist and confirm all truth.

Looking to anyone but God is dangerous to our spiritual life… but that doesn’t mean God won’t speak to us through other people. The bottom line is that we should always have our ears open to hear God speaking to us. That can happen in our prayer time or even in movies we watch… if our spirit is still listening to the right source. Whether you’re checking a horoscope or a gloryscope, if you are avoiding God’s voice you’re bound for trouble. I’ve seen so much about what we Christians are against… that people have missed what it is we are FOR… I think I like the idea of pursuing God and trusting that He is strong enough to deliver me out of the snares I might fall into as long as I continue getting back on track. Thanks for the post!

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