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New Paradigm Ministry: Door43

I have some friends and client that recently started an exciting, next-generation ministry called Door43.  The ministry is missions based, with a view of using the internet and a Christian creative commons to create discipleship tools for minority language groups in limited access countries.  I can see the ministry expanding to include major language groups as well.  The tools and content will be free of charge and released under a Creative Commons license, giving anyone, anywhere, the freedom to translate, adapt, edit, improve, re-purpose and redistribute the tools for any ministry need, without any legal concern or copyright infringement. Door43 is working to establish an open-membership network of Christians to create and translate content for use all over the world. The internet site will provide an on-line workbench that uses a wiki engine as a platform for drafting, discussing, editing, refining and distributing open discipleship tools.  Door43 is somewhat like a cross between Facebook and Wikipedia.  This is exciting, 21st Century missions work.  Please  consider joining their team through prayer, getting the word out, and if you’re able, by financially supporting this fledgling ministry effort.

By Christ Ranger

God is great!

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