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“complete subjugation and compliance with the system”

The socialist nanny state: totalitarianism with a smiley face.  See here, here and here for examples. 

Update: Nanny will monitor your trash as well.  Even George didn’t predict that.


Two more years …

Our family really enjoyed watching the winter Olympics.  The athletes are such fantastic examples of enthusiasm, dedication, passion and in certain events teamwork and comraderie.  The grit of some of the athletes is nothing short of remarkable, like watching Anja Paerson return two days after a horrible downhill crash and win bronze on the same hill.  I found my adrenalin pumping and leg muscles twitching every time Apolo Ohno skated (what a fitting name for that sport (“oh no!”)).  The agony of the US Olympic hockey teams as they “won” the silver medal will be a lasting memory.  The US crashing the Nord’s combined nordic party and taking it over.  It’s like every event is the Super Bowl/World Cup of that particular sport … and it’s nonstop for two weeks.  At least I have two years to catch back up on sleep before London …