A man’s best friend … and death from above

In addition to unconditionally welcoming you home, snuggling your kids, keeping the UPS delivery man at bay, and licking your face at inopportune times, they infiltrate enemy positions and destroy terrorists … see here.  As if one needs yet another reason to prefer dogs.  I wonder whether al-Qaeda are cat lovers.

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Skilled Animator

Apologies, in advance, for a commercial interruption.  But, I’ve been working with an extremely talented individual to do some adver-tainment.  He is doing an animated gag for a company I do some contract work for.  I just got the final draft of his first piece and I have to share the link as I think his work deserves to be seen.  Just in case you missed the hyperlink in the last sentence… can find the 30 second spot here.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled blog.


Sacrifices in the Pacific

Mackubin Owens has a very good article at NRO on the new HBO’s The Pacific: A Story Worth Telling.  Another great story telling about the Pacific theatre is Vision Forum’s movie The League of Grateful Sons, available on DVD.  A touching intro to that touching movie is here.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

It wasn’t until we started homeschooling that I learned the marvelous testimony of St. Patrick and why he’s celebrated.  Turns out it’s not because he turned beer green.  In his sixteenth year, he was kidnapped, taken to Ireland, and sold into slavery.  After six years, he heard God call him to flee, which he did.  After several days of wandering, he called down from a cliff to a boat at sea, who agreed to take him aboard, despite being famished themselves, and just happened to be sailing back to Patrick’s Britain.  After returning to Britain, Patrick had a vision of an angel or saint relaying the cries of the lost pagan Irish.  Patrick returned and spent the rest of his life, a difficult life, proclaiming the Gospel of Christ to the very people who had enslaved him.  A life well lived.

It’s not often we have a holiday for someone just because he was a faithful servant of Jesus Christ!