Put down that ice cream cone …

I’ve enjoyed training for my first marathon.  Distance running and triathlons provide long, intense periods for sorting through all the mental clutter.  I find that the more I have to dig down, the more I get to my “core.”  It really strips away the stress and worries over small stuff and causes me to focus on relationships that matter most — with God, my wife, my children, and to my clients.  Pretty much in that order.  Listening to a playlist of Christian worship can turn a long run into a praise celebration.

Marathon training has really forced me to learn how to run efficiently in my “zone” — the cardiovascular state where I’m burning primarily fat instead of sugar (of which the body stores far less supply).  I started to learn this in training for my first Half Ironman but really need it on long runs or the bonk is particularly miserable.  As a result, I’m witnessing the Pillsbury Dough Boy middle slowly melting away, kinda like slowly watching a glacier retreat.  Key word being slowly.

Front page of today’s Raleigh News & Observer features an article on Ed Brantley and Heba Salama, who are attempting to leverage their celebrity status from an episode of the Biggest Loser where together they lost somewhere around 270 pounds.  They’re hoping to sell people on adopting healthier lifestyles, to include diet.  She just finished her first 1/2 marathon.  Good for them!  Obesity is a serious and growing global pandemic.  High calorie, inexpensive foods and sedentary lifestyles create fat bodies and soft minds.  It’s almost sad how the Wii has become so popular since it’s almost like really playing outside and makes the user move his or her body somewhat.  Why not REALLY go outside and play (Charlotte Mason had no idea how far out in front she was regarding the raising of children) … Huckabee’s personal victory against obesity and sensitivity to this issue added to his credibility as a political candidate, however, he recently interviewed the First Lady on this topic and she apparently wants to focus on grocery stores in poor urban areas and soda makers.  That’s a little off — the fault lies right in the mouths of those who spend too much time lying about in front of the idiot box.  Get off the couch and go chase Heba!