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Before the High Priest

Thoughts from Matthew 26…

After Jesus was arrested on the Mount of Olives, He was hurried to the home of the High Priest for a quick, overnight trial. The priests and leaders of the people wanted to have capital charges against Him by morning, so that they could bring Him to the Roman governor for execution.

Even re-reading these passages again, I am amazed by the drama of this entire scene. The priests and elders, the leaders of the people are railroading over justice in order to destroy their enemy. Peter has noble intentions, but he is scared out of his mind by a servant girl! And yet through this all, God is still in control!

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Sapphire Sky


It was Thursday night before the Passover. At some time after midnight, Judas had led the temple guards and the Roman soldiers up the slopes of the Mount of Olives to where they found Jesus. There it was that the entire crowd fell down when this Rabbi called upon the name of God. There it was that one of His disciples charged into the crowd with a sword, severing a servant’s ear. There it was that Jesus healed the man’s ear and made His disciples leave (see here).

The soldiers bound Jesus and took Him back to the high priest’s palace in the city of Jerusalem. There, at the palace, were two of the most powerful men in Judea. Annas was the former high priest who had been deposed by the Romans. But Annas still directed the religious leadership in Jerusalem and he had placed in his own son-in-law…

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