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Before the Governor

Thoughts from Matthew 27…

This is the second part of Jesus Christ’s trial. These are the series of trials before the Roman Governor, Pontius Pilate.

The drama of the scene increases in the early morning hours as Jesus is lead in chains to the Roman governor. Pilate tried every attempt to free Him, but in the end was forced to capitulate to the demands of the priests and the Jewish people, and sent Him off to be crucified.

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Sapphire Sky


During the Roman time of peace in the first century (the Pax Romana), Rome would allow the provinces a level of self-government. This self-government allowed vassal kings to rule over their own provinces as long as they swore allegiance to Rome.

Herod (also known as Herod the Great) ruled all of Palestine until his death in 4 BC. After Herod’s death, his kingdom was divided among his three sons: Archelaus, Antipas, and Philip. Philip ruled the regions to the East, Antipas ruled Galilee and Perea, while Archelaus ruled Judea and Samaria.

Archelaus proved to be the worst of the three sons. He was corrupt and inefficient and by 6 A.D., the Jews had begged Rome to replace him. The Romans removed Archelaus and replaced him with a series of governors (also known as procurators). These governors were Roman commanders who were responsible for governing the regions and reporting to…

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