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The Trial of Jesus Christ

As we study the trials of Jesus Christ, it is good to start out with the initial understanding of what these events were like. It is amazing at how much this was a travesty on the Jewish judicial system!

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The gospel accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John tell that Jesus Christ endured a three-part Jewish trial before the High Priest and the Sanhedrin:

These four accounts describe the trial before the Sanhedrin, but they also raise a lot of questions related to the history and the culture:

What is the Sanhedrin? Weren’t the Romans in charge?

Why are there two High Priests mentioned? Who was in charge?

Doesn’t a trial require proof? Were there any laws to protect the accused?

The notes below are an attempt to address these questions.

The Great Sanhedrin

The ancient Jews had a very elaborate legal system. Every town…

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The Kiss

Thoughts from Matthew 26…

This is the scene in the garden of Gethsemane when, after Jesus arises from prayer, He is met by by the arresting mob, being led by Judas. The groups of people in this scene are intriguing. Judas is evil. The guards and soldiers are wary. The disciples are terrified. But Jesus is calm.

May we follow His example and be rooted in the Lord during our difficult times!

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It is the night before Passover.

Jesus had spent the last few hours in agonizing prayer (see here). He was consumed with horror and despair as He considered what He was about to face.

Slowly and painfully, He came to terms with the Father’s will. “Not my will, but yours be done”.

Meanwhile, the disciples slept.

As Jesus woke the sleepy disciples, the lanterns and torches were visible through the trees. Nearly a thousand men were converging on their small garden!

The Chief Priests and their servants were there. They had wanted to kill Jesus Christ ever since He had raised Lazarus from the dead (see here).

The Temple Guard was there. This group of men was responsible for maintaining order in the temple. They were especially busy during Passover time. These guards were not allowed to use lethal force, but were nevertheless armed with clubs.

There were

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The Garden

Thoughts from Matthew 26…

This study covered the Lord’s struggle in Gethsemane. Once again, as I read this passage, I am amazed how difficult of a time this was for Jesus Christ. It is far from the deep, serene images that we are accustomed to, and was an emotional, spiritual, and physical battle!

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The garden.


There were moments in the life of Jesus Christ whenhe suffered greatly, but this was total agony!

Here, in the garden, is the greatest struggle that Jesus will face. He will endure hardship, torture, and death at the hands of men on the way to the cross. But there was no struggle as he went to his death. The great struggle for Jesus Christ was here in the garden, in Gethsemane.

At the beginning of his ministry, Jesus said, “my food is to do my Father’s will” (see here). But now the horror of the cross draws near and it terrifies Him! It is not the physical pain that Jesus Christ fears, but the separation from His Father. He, the one who knew no sin, will take upon himself the guilt of all the sins of the world!

Jesus contemplated his upcoming death on Tuesday…

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