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The Kiss

Thoughts from Matthew 26…

This is the scene in the garden of Gethsemane when, after Jesus arises from prayer, He is met by by the arresting mob, being led by Judas. The groups of people in this scene are intriguing. Judas is evil. The guards and soldiers are wary. The disciples are terrified. But Jesus is calm.

May we follow His example and be rooted in the Lord during our difficult times!

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Sapphire Sky


It is the night before Passover.

Jesus had spent the last few hours in agonizing prayer (see here). He was consumed with horror and despair as He considered what He was about to face.

Slowly and painfully, He came to terms with the Father’s will. “Not my will, but yours be done”.

Meanwhile, the disciples slept.

As Jesus woke the sleepy disciples, the lanterns and torches were visible through the trees. Nearly a thousand men were converging on their small garden!

The Chief Priests and their servants were there. They had wanted to kill Jesus Christ ever since He had raised Lazarus from the dead (see here).

The Temple Guard was there. This group of men was responsible for maintaining order in the temple. They were especially busy during Passover time. These guards were not allowed to use lethal force, but were nevertheless armed with clubs.

There were

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