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The Garden

Thoughts from Matthew 26…

This study covered the Lord’s struggle in Gethsemane. Once again, as I read this passage, I am amazed how difficult of a time this was for Jesus Christ. It is far from the deep, serene images that we are accustomed to, and was an emotional, spiritual, and physical battle!

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The garden.


There were moments in the life of Jesus Christ whenhe suffered greatly, but this was total agony!

Here, in the garden, is the greatest struggle that Jesus will face. He will endure hardship, torture, and death at the hands of men on the way to the cross. But there was no struggle as he went to his death. The great struggle for Jesus Christ was here in the garden, in Gethsemane.

At the beginning of his ministry, Jesus said, “my food is to do my Father’s will” (see here). But now the horror of the cross draws near and it terrifies Him! It is not the physical pain that Jesus Christ fears, but the separation from His Father. He, the one who knew no sin, will take upon himself the guilt of all the sins of the world!

Jesus contemplated his upcoming death on Tuesday…

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