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I mentioned in a comment to a post below how I work with a number of ministries and regularly review third-party internet postings about/to particular Christian ministries.  There is one consistent theme – the more a ministry adheres publicly to fundamental, Biblical teaching, the more vitriolic and spiteful and numerous are the online postings.  They are often vulgar, grotesque, and insulting.  It’s not enough to disagree with our Christian beliefs or even enough to do so in a vulgar and insulting manner.  No, as often as not, they misrepresent or twist basic beliefs or actions.  Certainly some of such misstatements are the product of ignorance, but the pattern is so consistent and prevalent that I suspect much if not most of it is deliberate and malicious.

I want to argue.  Indeed, at times I would like to grab the scoffers and mockers by the throat and give a good squeeze, but that would be denying the fundamental virtue of a life lived in Christ.  At times like that, I find it difficult to willfully follow the teachings of my Lord Jesus Christ.  The insults and arguments don’t bother me too much, however, it’s how I’m supposed to respond that bothers me.  We are called to love and to pray for the scoffers and mockers.  It was for the lost and depraved that Christ died.  It is to the lost that Christ sends us.  In their anger and hatred of Christianity they are to be pitied for not only do they ignore Christ’s warnings to the peril of their eternity, they live now with their face turned away from their Creator, the God of all the heavens and Earth who loves them.  They’re missing out on living a life buoyed by the Holy Spirit, supported by the love of Christ, and living with a hope for eternity.

God give me the strength to love and pray for those who mock and scoff at the faith I’ve put in your Word.

By Christ Ranger

God is great!

One reply on “Unnatural”

Well said. I often think of the words of Christ on the cross: “Forgive them, for they don’t know what they do.”

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