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God Bless America

Without God’s blessing, no effort, no person, and certainly no nation will prosper.

We continue to enjoy God’s grace.  Though we systematically ignore God in our schools and in the vast majority of our public assemblies, indeed, it’s effectively illegal to corporately acknowledge God when our public institutions are in session, yet he continues to bless our nation.  We practice our faith without interruption and largely without deterrence.  The tax code incentivizes giving to our faith institutions.  We evangelize without penalty or prosecution.  The average American enjoys a standard of living unheard of in the history of mankind. Starvation is unheard of within our borders. Obesity is one of the leading if not the leading health risk.  The books of the world are a click of a mouse away, and countless books are a short trip away to view for free in a library.  The greatest music and best entertainment of the world are all immediately accessible.  Access to education is universal. You can visit any portion of our continent with little preparation if you have the means to travel.  We can visit most places of the globe and the biggest impediment in the vast majority of places are the requirements of the host country.  Every community has healthcare, running water, and sanitation.  We take entirely for granted those things that hundreds of millions of people world-wide only dream about having.

On July 4, 1776, the success of this democratic experiment was anything but certain.  The most certain thing was that if they failed in their efforts against the then world superpower, each signatory to the Declaration of Independence would pay with his life and most likely his family’s wealth as well.  Countless many have sacrificed their life so that this American effort can continue and prosper.

We are doing far  too many things quite wrong now — our fundamental denial of our Creator and his relevance to how we govern and live, and from that denial pours forth a font of misfortune and evil. We threaten to unravel or squander what has been given to us.  But today is not a day of mourning or lamentations, it is a day of celebration and for thanks for what our forefathers have sacrificed to create this land of liberty and abundance and for God’s blessings.  By God’s grace, this nation will continue to prosper.

God bless America!  Happy Fourth!

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