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Raising Female Porn Addiction

“Pornography is the drug of the millennium and more addictive than crack cocaine.” … And while most people may think of men when they picture purveyors of pornography, women are joining their ranks in droves.  A big part of the problem – for both men and women – is the easy accessibility of porn.  Thanks to the Internet, it’s not even necessary to leave your house.  Anonymity feeds temptation. 

A survey conducted in 2003 by Today’s Christian Woman found that one out of every six women, including Christians, admits struggling with an addiction to pornography.

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The increase in female porn consumption is based on the increasing percentage of woman who were children during our Internet porn culture.  That culture continues.  The acceptance and consumption of porn is a trend that will likely strengthen unless and until large numbers of people openly speak out against it.  The effort begins at home.  Our culture ever increasingly emphasizes and encourages the sexualization of youth.  It’s not uncommon to see grade school girls wearing skin-tight clothes and overtly sexually suggestive branding, e.g. Victoria’s Secret short shorts with JUICY in block print across the buns.  It common for teenage girls to dress in skin-tight and/or low-cut clothes.  It’s practically accepted as normal for young females to leave little to the imagination.  What only two generations ago was considered virtue is now deemed a social liability by many.

Reforming our culture starts with reforming our relationships at home.  A girl should not learn that she is loved and valued by how much “skin she has in the game.”  Daughters learn much of their worth and sense of self from their father.  Are we raising daughters of Eve, princesses of the living God, or are we aiming to raise “cool” and popular girls in a porn saturated culture?  God grant us the wisdom to love and guide our daughters in our small, daily decisions.  Are we raising sons who value and look for Godliness in girls, or do they see their father ogling the short shorts?  Do they know from our computer caches and histories the internet pages being visited in supposed secrecy?  The sin of the fathers visits itself on the next generation.  Rot and disease spreads and infests.  Our struggles are not just our own.  God give us the strength to raise a better generation.