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Trash talking Slovenia?

Scenic Slovenia

Slovenia?!  That tiny blip on the northeastern corner of the Adriatic.  Scenic certainly, but the nation of 2 million wouldn’t make our top-25 list of States (wouldn’t likely make top 35).  For that matter, they don’t make the top 25 ranking for FIFA either.  With that said, this tiny little country clocked in at 26 in FIFA rankings; and with bodies flying everywhere, number 26 Sweden just beat number 2 Spain. Further, the trash talk might be as much or more FIFA marketing through creative interpreting.  If Slovenia wins, they’re into Round 2 and we’re almost certainly not absent an English collapse.  Go Algeria!

Kim Jong Il

North Korea versus Brazil had a surreal feeling to me.  These Korean men playing their hearts out for a brutal, personality-cult dictatorship.  On the other side, the smooth Brazilians, persistent and smooth and unstoppable like a river.  The Brazilian’s first goal was magical … did that really go in?  How?  The debate will endure whether Maicon intended that goal, unless he tells, which I hope he doesn’t.

By Christ Ranger

God is great!

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