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World Cup first few days …

Okay, as a colleague pointed out, perhaps that was Robert Green’s way of apologizing to the US  for the whole BP troubles we’re experiencing.  In negating what would have been the first goal of the World Cup, the refs in the first match taught many (to include the announcers) that offsides is based on two players in front, regardless of where the goalie is.  South Africa played inspired and their goal should be part of the permanent World Cup highlight reel.   The Italians apparently forgot their coffee and were decidely uninspiring in the pouring rain against tiny Paraguay, who tied the reigning Cup champs.  Germany practised the soccer Blitzkrieg in demolishing Australia.  The most noticeable thing about the Netherlands remains their vibrant orange notwithstanding their high ranking.  No one from North Korea has defected from their soccer delegation and with their loved ones held hostage, it’s unlikely any will.  Brazil plays today. 

By Christ Ranger

God is great!

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