Why are Christians bloggers jerks? – recent CNN post

Yesterday, I went to to get my news to balance out the fairness after reading I came across a commentary posted by a Christian blogger who was given a spot on I found it interesting that CNN would actually give a space to Christian commentary.

The article’s writer gave his opinions as to why Christians are jerks online. If Christians are to love thy neighbor, why oh why then do they act like jerks online?   You could probably replace “jerks” with self-righteous and still have the same point made.

I suppose his points were valid. He explains how Christians hide behind an online identity, making it easier to be more blunt, especially since you may not know the readers. He also explains that for many it becomes an idol in nit-picking the little things that annoy us as Christians.

So why can we be jerks online? Here are some of my thoughts in no particular order:

  1. Young in our Christian life – You’ve heard the saying, once a ____ always a _____ (fill in the blank with anything). Although, that may not necessarily be true, there are some habits that are harder to get rid of than others. I’d like to think that as a Christian, I am repenting of all my sins and bad habits, but in reality some are still lingering. Luckily I have people in my life to remind me of them.
  2. Not all christians are Christians – Many people in and not in church will claim they are Christian, yet know nothing of the Gospel, much less Grace. They may find themselves compelled to show the errors of others’ ways. So it’s not fair really to stereotype Christians and lump all christians together.
  3. One bad seed can damage a whole crop – All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. This “all” includes Christians. There will be those who are prominent and well known Christians who will stick their foot in their mouth on occasion. How about giving them some grace too.
  4. Excited to share with others – As Christians we desire for everyone to realize God’s glory and are excited to share it with others. Blogging or chatting online gives an easy platform to share opinions. It allows us to be bolder and braver than what we would normally share face-to-face. But nonetheless, we want to share what we’ve come to learn about ourselves in hopes others don’t make the same mistakes.
  5. Truth hurts – What one persons sees as “jerky” may in actuality be the truth. Pointing out a flaw in an individual or a society is rarely ever politically correct.
  6. It’s not a Christian thing – So why are Christians singled out? Any time I have ever commented on a non-Christian blog or YouTube, I immediately get barraged with hateful emails and replies with so much vulgarity it would make George Carlin cringe. It is a challenge to maintain a nice attitude on a blog site when someone attacks you in such a way.

What are some of your thoughts?