Fever Blister in the Sun

This weekend opened triathlon season for the rest of our family that cares to do tris.  The kids had a blast on Saturday competing in a KIT (Kids in Training) triathlon — a great organization that teaches kids how to do triathlons and has fun in the process.  Our six-year-old completed his first and was ear-to-ear grins every time he passed by.  It was pretty hot though.  Afterward we ate at Brigs and discovered for the first time their strawberry shortcake …  there was nothing short about it.  A delicious mountain … and our 3-year-old had ordered it for dessert.  It was bigger than he was.  He needed some help, a lot of help …  Delicious.  We’ll be going back for some similar “carb loading” in the future I’m sure. 

Help is also what I needed today in completing my first tri of the season with fellow blogger Steve.  Aside from being redirected by a kayaking referee to a buoy on the swim course about a hundred yards away that I had apparently missed, the most notable part of the race was the scorching heat.  I felt more like a snail on the run than a human, let alone a triathlete.  I had a snail’s pace during the run and left a moisture path behind most the way …  After the race, we immediately departed for the mandatory post-race cheeseburger.  When we returned to the car an hour later (big cheeseburgers), the car thermometer read 103 degrees. 


  Perfect for baking eggs and triathletes on the pavement …

By Christ Ranger

God is great!

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