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To nuke the BP hole shut or not to nuke it, that may be the question.  What a mess, and forecasting models predict the Gulf Stream could bring the black mess to the Carolina shores just in time for summer …

How quickly we go from chanting “drill baby drill” to “cap baby cap.”  This recent spill in the Gulf of Mexico has suddenly given much more weight in my mind to the environmentalist concerns regarding drilling in environmentally sensitive areas.  It’s easy to view eco-objections with a cynical eye, suspecting the latest sky-is-falling claim is the latest subterfuge to handicap market capitalism in favor of socialism and centralized planning or something even less coherent.  That’s easy to believe since so often that’s exactly what’s going on – the inconvenient truth is that the environmental claims are too often simply wrong or divorced of context.  Nonetheless, creation is from God and entrusted to us.  Environmentalism should not be a disputed issue amongst Christians — it’s required of us to manage and care for what God has entrusted to humanity.  We owe it to our Creator as well as to future generations to preserve and protect the environment in reasonable and sustainable ways.

The threatening pollution of our local shores, reminds me of the only poetry contest my wife and I entered together … of course B.C. (Before Children).  We didn’t win any prize but enjoyed working on it together …

Ocean calling

Lift your head, come and see,
God’s fingerprints reflected in me.
Both of us are filled with life –
a delicate, magnificent gift.

Come to the shore, stand with me,
where miracles are plain to see.
Gulls, surf and sand crab frolic
together, in one of life’s dances.

Gentle waves’ music
wash away
time and burdens.
Come friend,
my shores are open
and share with me
in the beauty of life.

By Christ Ranger

God is great!

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