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Hush Now Baby Baby Don’t You Cry …

Update on one of the more revolting stories from the Euro-socialist nanny states (which stories the “mainstream” media routinely overlook):

Swedish authorities will convene soon to decide what to do about seven-year-old Dominic Johansson, who was seized by Swedish police and social workers last year because his parents chose to educate him at home.

In June, the Johanssons watched in horror as police snatched their son off the plane they were taking in order to move to Annie’s homeland of India. Police boarded the plane just one minute before its scheduled take-off and placed Dominic in the custody of social services.

Since that day, authorities have allowed the Johanssons only one-hour visits with their son – once every five weeks.

Full story here.  The Swedes argue they are protecting the child’s right to an education — the education the bureaucrats believe he should get, not the one his parents desire for their child.  Of course, the child is getting an education in big government: a jackboot is still a jackboot, even when worn by a nanny.

By Christ Ranger

God is great!

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