RU 486 “publicity”

Pro-life blogger Jill Stanek has two interesting articles on World Net Daily about recent live-Tweets by women sharing their RU486 experiences.  Stories here and here.  I don’t recommend reading prior to mealtime.  As described by these women, the experiences were not in any way without suffering. 

My immediate thought is “what were these woman thinking” by publicizing their abortions to the world.  After reading their tweets, that question looms even larger.  What did they accomplish or hope to accomplish?  Abortion providers purposefully avoid explaining exactly who and how the baby is dissected and suctioned out of the womb and what the mother will experience during and after her abortion, both physically and emotionally.  Certainly more woman “sharing” what it’s like to experience the bloody business of aborting the child from their womb will only further the pro-life cause.

Atheism, agnostic, evolution, etc.

Fred and Wilma’s Genes

According to some evolutionary and old-earth Christians, the so-called young earth, anti-scientific cave people, sometimes referred to as “Fred and Wilma,” discredit Christianity by believing the creation account as literally explained in the book of Genesis. For ease of reference, I’ll refer to these evolutionary apologists as Esau and Erasmus. They claim that a literal reading of Genesis’ young-earth, six-day creation account is scientifically indefensible and fuels the evolutionary biologist wing of militant atheism. Such argument suffers from both going too far and not far enough in its thinking, while at the same time selling its theological birthright for a bowl of common pottage.

Esau and Erasmus’ argument about biblical creationism does not go far enough. They suggest Christianity would appeal more to worldly rationale and defang militant atheists if only Fred and Wilma would shut-up already about a young earth. It would not, unless Christians compromised the truths of most the rest of our faith. Even without a literal biblical creation, Christianity remains unpalatable to the self-proclaimed intellectuals at the Los Angeles Times, militant atheists, and the rest of the worldly sophisticates.

The Bible repeatedly speaks of God ridiculing the wisdom of man. Paul explained to the Corinthians that if it sounded like he was out of his mind, it was because he was talking of the things of God. Elsewhere, Paul noted that while the Gospel was a stumbling block to the Jew, it was utter foolishness to the Greek. Christianity teaches that the omnipotent, infinite, omnipresent and eternal God of all that is seen and unseen, took the form of human flesh in His creation. Instead of the heraldry due the arrival of such an eternal King, he arrived as the apparent bastard son of a peasant woman in a semi-nomadic tribe somewhere in the west-Asian backwaters of the Roman Empire. To underscore the point, God was born amongst the squalor of livestock and his first visitors were sheep herders who were roughly the social equivalent of today’s garbage collectors. To further emphasize that God does not do it “our way,” he was born to a virgin. This promised deliverer grew up in obscurity. He befriended