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It’s all about Jesus Christ

It was a gray afternoon in late April 1997, my brother Travis and I were on I-77 North, heading to our Opa’s funeral.  I was a few weeks away from graduating lawschool and a few years into an apologetics struggle that had led me to believe the Bible was true and Jesus Christ was the Son of God.  With that head knowledge, that made me a Christian.  Or, so I thought. My brother had since been saved.

As twenty-something year old brothers of German descent, we liked to argue about everything then.  Everything.  That ride was no exception.  For hours, we argued, discussed and debated the truths of Christianity, particularly the doctrines of predestination.  Over time, we often changed sides in debates.  I suspect during that ride that Travis was arguing in favor of 5 point reformed predestination.  At one point, he turned to me and said, “But Tony, the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus his son.”

During the midst of his quoting Romans 6:23, my eyes opened for the first time. I saw that my salvation was entirely by, for and about Jesus Christ.  It was all about him and what he had done.  It had nothing to do with me. God’s glory is ultimate, supreme and eternal. That glory manifested itself in what Christ has done.  It is only and entirely by his grace that we are saved, indeed, that we even exist.  At that moment, God showed himself to me and saved me from my sins.  My life has never been the same.  That was the birth of the new me.  Over the years, that knowledge and experience about the glory of God has deepened as I’ve come to know Christ more and rely upon him more instead of himself.

In my journey, my family and I have been blessed by the fellowship of Colonial Baptist Church and learning under the teaching of our senior pastor, Stephen Davey. He reminds us regularly about the centrality of Christ and his word. (His sermons are excellent and can be heard through his Wisdom for the Heart ministry (check out the online sermons section) and his teaching is broadcast worldwide by the Bible Broadcasting Network. Recently, in the midst of a sermon, he reminded us that even Scripture is all about Jesus Christ.  Indeed, every book is about Christ. Stephen explained, as follows:

Let the Old Testament Record Speak!
by Pastor Stephen Davey

Listen to the record of God’s testimony in the Old Testament – listen to it speak! In

Genesis Jesus Christ is the creating voice of the triune God according to the confirmation of the Apostle Paul in Colossians 1.  It was Jesus, God the Son, who spoke the worlds into existence.  Furthermore, in Genesis, Jesus Christ is the prophesied seed who will crush the serpent’s head;

In Exodus Jesus Christ is the Passover lamb whose blood protects His people from the wrath of God; He is the manna from heaven and the water gushing from the rock;

In Leviticus He is the tabernacle of God among men:

  • He is the brazen alter – signifying his death which gives entrance;
  • He is the brazen laver – promising to cleanse us from every sin;
  • He is the bread – signifying food that satisfied;
  • He is the golden lamp stand – the light of the world that will never be extinguished;
  • He is the altar of incense – ascending and perpetually interceding on our behalf
  • He is the veil – through Whom is our access into the Holy presence of God;
  • And He is the holy of Holies – for in Him God the Father communes with His people and His people commune with heaven.

In the Book of Numbers, He is the Great High Priest who will never fail;

In Deuteronomy, He is the city of refuge where criminals may run for protection;

In Joshua, He is the champion over every obstacle; strength over ever enemy that stands in the way of His people;

In Judges, Jesus Christ is the angel of God, empowering the weak and pursuing the wandering; He is the perfection of patience toward His wandering people;

In Ruth, He is the wealthy Redeemer who buys His bride out of hopeless poverty; placing her in the family line of royalty, giving her the right to everything that belongs to Him;

In First and Second Samuel, He is the Name of the Lord, in whose strength people of faith dare to conquer enemies and slay giants;

In Kings and Chronicles, Christ is the sovereign King behind and above all kingdoms both pagan and God-fearing;
In Ezra, He is the keeper of Divine promises to Israel and the Hand that liberates His people from bondage;

In Nehemiah, He is the re-builder of broken lives and broken hearts and broken dreams; He is the restorer of broken fellowship between God and man;

In Esther, He is behind the scenes, outwitting the Evil One; faithfully protecting His unfaithful people, whispering into the ear of a young queen that for such a time as this, she has been crowned.

In Job, He is the majestic One who rides upon the wind and commands the lightning and the storm; the Lord of mystery who does not explain life, but reveals He is sovereign over all of life;

In the Psalms, He is the Rock of refuge, the Shepherd of the sheep, the Tower of shelter, the Honeycomb of divine revelation;

In Proverbs, He is everlasting Wisdom; Divine counsel for those who accept His invitation to turn aside and listen;

In Ecclesiastes, He is eternal satisfaction over every earthly desire; the One to be remembered in the days our your youth;