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Conservatism Calling or Goodbye Tomorrow?

We’ll find out Tuesday!  I have faith that our fellow Americans will not reelect this President.  Contrary to the hordes of handwringers, I don’t think it will even be close.

Below is one of the best presidential election videos I’ve seen; it elaborates on what should be the fundamental nonpartisan issue of this election for most voters, and on this issue Obama is a miserable failure. Obama was correct in calling Bush a failure on this issue, but then Obama exponentially increased the rate of failure, despite controlling Congress for two years.

This video also “calls out” that the debt and other ills that are stifling job growth are part of a much larger social ill, which well predates this presidency.  The political solution or cure is conservatism, a simple and tested concept that is relatively unknown and untaught in the vast majority of our public schools and universities.

President Obama should be and I believe will be held accountable.  Accountable.  Fitting.

Regardless, our hope is neither conservatism nor socialism, since all politics ultimately rely upon  institutions of fallen man.  Our hope should and must be in Christ.  Win our lose, we must fix our gaze on Him and praise him for giving us life and giving us eternal life.