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Reasons for Evangelicals to Support Romney

During the primaries, I did not support Romney, but that was due to my belief that his fiscal and economic policies in general, and his plan to reduce the deficit in particular, were too timid.  I am more confident now after following his general election. Regardless, you could hardly do worse for the deficit and small business than President Obama did in his first term.  I also said that from a political perspective, evangelicals have much more in common with Romney than they do with President Obama, who’s progressive social policies are fueled by his progressive (low view of scripture) Christian beliefs, whose social gospel resembles evangelical beliefs hardly at all.  The following video makes the same points, but more powerfully and goes one step further, to articulate a belief that a second Obama term would not just be an economic catastrophe, but that evangelicals would also have concerns about our civil liberties.

The opening sequence in the video brings tears to my eyes and reminds me of what motivated me years ago to be politically outspoken – the Supreme Court’s decision in Stenberg v Carhart.  I had followed the case closely and knew the details, still, Scalia’s dissent had me in tears; the majority opinion was and remains morally repugnant and a jurisprudential fraud (but still “good” law).