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Not Very Healthy …

Over at The City: The Fix Is In, Why Britain’s National Health Service spends so much and does so little

and this: Soaring costs force Canada to reassess health model

NRO reports that a recent survey of human resource and benefit specialists indicates Obamacare is going to adversely affect quality and cost of care in the U.S.  Among the findings: 

● 90 percent believe that Obamacare “will increase their organization’s health care benefit costs”;

● 88 percent intend to pass the increases onto employees by increasing employee premium contributions or other cost-sharing measures;

● 74 percent intend to “reduce health benefits and programs” by using stingier health plans, restricting eligibility for health coverage, and using spousal waivers or surcharges.

Well, at least nationalized healthcare systems provide equally bad and ineffecient care to everyone, at least in theory.  In reality, there are always “preferred” routes for those with means, see, e.g. the Canadian premier flying to the USA and the UK’s private insurance add-ons.

By Christ Ranger

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