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Piano dedication

We enjoyed a touching and enjoyable piano dedicatory recital Monday evening at the beautiful Butler University Chapel on Campbell University.  Randall Atcheson was the pianist.  He performed on a new Steinway nine-foot concert grand model “D.”  Great performer and wonderful instrument.  Mr. Atcheson, a member of the international roster of Steinway Artists, professed a strong faith in Christ and gave a wonderful performance.  After playing a set from Chopin, he performed a Gospel, popular, and patriotic selection, each of which he arranged.  Mr. Atcheson is a passionate and fun performer who loves God and is excited about everything, particularly music and God and other people.  And he wasn’t afraid to express it. His stories about his southern preacher father were touching and humorous. We also share the same favorite song: Amazing Grace.  Great performer if Monday night was in any way typical for him.

The litany of dedication was also touching:

Creator God, You have given us minds to know You, hearts to love You, voices to sing Your praise and instruments to resound the majesty of Your name. We are grateful You have gifted Your people with music.

When words fail, music can express our deepest yearnings. In those seasons of our lives, we can find You in the notes of the familiar hymns whose melodies bring soothing calm and sweet serenity.

When we are still in Your presence, we can seek You and find You in the songs of quiet contemplation.

When we gather to worship, music can voice our highest and most exalted praise through the sounds of strength and majesty.

By Christ Ranger

God is great!

2 replies on “Piano dedication”

May I “borrow” this dedication litany? It is appropriate for a service I am planning in the very near future. I don’t see a copyright, but I always try to ask first.

Dr. John Roberson, Vice President at Campbell University, wrote the litany. He has no objection to the litany being used to enhance worship while celebrating the dedication of an instrument. In other words, you may use it. Thank you for asking.

Also, as an aside, copyright protection adheres to an otherwise coyrightable work regardless of whether the author (or copyright owner if different) publishes a copyright notice with the work. Prior to 1990, posting notice of copyright was a requirement to preserver the copyright. That is no longer the case.

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