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November 29, 2012

Are you smart enough to make a pencil?

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November 4, 2012

Conservatism Calling or Goodbye Tomorrow?

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We’ll find out Tuesday!  I have faith that our fellow Americans will not reelect this President.  Contrary to the hordes of handwringers, I don’t think it will even be close.

Below is one of the best presidential election videos I’ve seen; it elaborates on what should be the fundamental nonpartisan issue of this election for most voters, and on this issue Obama is a miserable failure. Obama was correct in calling Bush a failure on this issue, but then Obama exponentially increased the rate of failure, despite controlling Congress for two years.

This video also “calls out” that the debt and other ills that are stifling job growth are part of a much larger social ill, which well predates this presidency.  The political solution or cure is conservatism, a simple and tested concept that is relatively unknown and untaught in the vast majority of our public schools and universities.

President Obama should be and I believe will be held accountable.  Accountable.  Fitting.

Regardless, our hope is neither conservatism nor socialism, since all politics ultimately rely upon  institutions of fallen man.  Our hope should and must be in Christ.  Win our lose, we must fix our gaze on Him and praise him for giving us life and giving us eternal life.

November 3, 2012

Reasons for Evangelicals to Support Romney

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During the primaries, I did not support Romney, but that was due to my belief that his fiscal and economic policies in general, and his plan to reduce the deficit in particular, were too timid.  I am more confident now after following his general election. Regardless, you could hardly do worse for the deficit and small business than President Obama did in his first term.  I also said that from a political perspective, evangelicals have much more in common with Romney than they do with President Obama, who’s progressive social policies are fueled by his progressive (low view of scripture) Christian beliefs, whose social gospel resembles evangelical beliefs hardly at all.  The following video makes the same points, but more powerfully and goes one step further, to articulate a belief that a second Obama term would not just be an economic catastrophe, but that evangelicals would also have concerns about our civil liberties.

The opening sequence in the video brings tears to my eyes and reminds me of what motivated me years ago to be politically outspoken – the Supreme Court’s decision in Stenberg v Carhart.  I had followed the case closely and knew the details, still, Scalia’s dissent had me in tears; the majority opinion was and remains morally repugnant and a jurisprudential fraud (but still “good” law).

October 23, 2012

Reagan on Christ

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October 17, 2012

Ark Encounter & Salvation Message

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The lifetime family pass offering is nearly sold out:

September 24, 2012

Parents Got Game!

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September 15, 2012

NASA’s Mars Mission

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Remember the old days, when NASA’s mission was simply to explore space?  Such simple and backwards times, before “O” taught us NASA’s fuller potential to reach the Muslim worlds.  

This past week’s events hint that perhaps NASA engineers are less adept at reaching the new Caliphate than they are at reaching everywhere else in our galaxy.  Probably due to NASA’s unfair hiring bias favoring engineers over cultural studies and critical race theorists.

Nonetheless, NASA’s “real” mission, albeit scaled back and currently somewhat politically  misguided, is still really cool.  What follows is a CGI re-enactment of the 2003 Mars rover missions – where the rovers landed in 2004. It’s very cool. 

NASA intended those rovers to last for up to three months … They lasted years, cruising around and collecting data. See here. In fact, one of the “original” two rovers, “Opportunity” is still cruising around and collecting data. See here.

Here’s an interesting video of the recent Curiosity rover landing, apparently produced from a compilation of images.


September 12, 2012

The Myth of Islamic Democracy

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August 29, 2012

Re: The Gift of Life

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I agree with Travis’ highlighting how a culture that trashes life contrasts so much with the nature and character of the God of all Creation.  Of course, the trashing of human life is not just a metaphor, as Melissa Ohden’s powerful testimony explains:

The Susan B. Anthony List produced Ms. Ohden’s story, which story is tragically under reported.  SBA explains:

“In light of the recent national discussion over abortion, it’s important Americans know the President’s best-kept secret: his extreme record on abortion. Melissa Ohden’s powerful story draws a stark contrast to his unbending support of abortion and the abortion industry and reveals the human face to this debate.” said SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser. “President Obama’s appalling record on abortion is not just limited to his four votes to deny rights to abortion survivors but spans to his recent heartless refusal to support bans on sex-selection and late-term abortions. These actions fly in the face of mainstream American views and run counter to the President’s first term pre-election talk of finding common ground. Recent polling reveals the majority of Americans support bans on these horrific practices.”

Related, the President is reportedly funneling more than $400,000 of federal money to Planned Parenthood in North Carolina in response to the N.C. General Assembly voting to discontinue $340,000 of N.C. taxpayer money being paid to Planned Parenthood.  the NCGA felt it was inappropriate to use NC taxpayer money to underwrite the operations of the world’s leading abortion mill.  See here.

August 14, 2012

Nanny State Edumacation

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August 11, 2012

VP Ryan! Deficit Hawk Cheese Head!

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Great choice!  I’ve expressed before that our out of control national debt is the single greatest threat to the future of our republic and that Romney did not have a strong enough record or positions on fiscal conservatism.  The Ryan selection is a huge step forward for Romney on this critical topic.  See past posts re Ryan here, here, here and here.

August 3, 2012

The Gospel

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August 2, 2012

Prof. Paul Ryan: Poli Sci 101 on global convergence

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July 21, 2012

Political Logic of the Nanny State, Illustrated

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July 4, 2012

President Reagan July 4, 1986

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What a uniting presidential address sounds like …

June 17, 2012

Just My Father’s Son

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Happy Fathers Day!

June 10, 2012

Clash of Creationist Titans

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Given my involvement with and support for Answers in Genesis (“AiG”) and the Creation Museum, Christian friends occasionally ask me whether young-earth creationism is really so important.  Does it really matter?

In the ultimate sense, the eternal sense, the answer is “no.”  One’s belief on precisely how humanity came into existence is not going to open the doors of heaven or close the gates of hell for a person on the day of judgment.  Of course, ultimately, only one thing matters for us.  In the ultimate sense, the only question that really matters is whether one has accepted Jesus Christ as his or her Lord and personal savior.

Again, the creation-evolution-old earth-young earth debate is not even the most important issue directly facing the church today.  Related to the first issue, the most important issue facing the church today is reaching the current generations with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Also of great importance is teaching the current and next generation about the truth and authority of scripture – to include its culturally unpopular teachings on the depravity of man, reality of an eternal hell and judgment, and the exclusivity of Christ.  Also related directly to the authority of scripture is the importance of the church governing itself and its members according to the clear guidelines in the New Testament.  In my opinion, these are all “more important” issues than the age of the Earth.

Yet, as the temporal church literally rests on the Earth, the above issues rest entirely on the authority of scripture.  From where I sit, the church, at least in the West, is failing to reach the current generations with the truths of Jesus Christ because the church has lost confidence in the authority of scripture.  The western church lacks the courage of its convictions that scripture is the inerrant word of God because the church is losing its convictions in that regard.  And there is no more obvious and glaring example of this over the last fifty years than in what the church has been doing with the first eleven chapters of the book of Genesis, and in particular with the first two chapters of Genesis regarding creation and related creation passages.

Regarding creation, far too many in our churches and seminaries have invested countless hours and effort trying to figure out ever more clever ways to “fit” billions of years and evolutionary processes into the Bible’s revelation concerning God’s creation of the world and everything in it.  As I’ve pointed out before, this is entirely unnecessary given the threadbare nature of evolutionary theory.  See e.g. here and here.  Regardless, the ongoing compromise is fact, in fact, it’s the dominant position within the western church. Sadly, as AiG discovered through its survey evidence published in Already Compromised, our theologians much more than our Christian scientists lead the charge with this unnecessary compromise. As Ken Ham repeats and repeats and repeats, this compromise of God’s word is not just a compromise, it also undermines fundamental doctrines of our faith. Most importantly, it undermines the foundations of the gospel.  Not surprisingly and as a direct result, it undermines the faith of our children, again as researched and written about by AiG in Already Gone.

All of this is background for a recent and unplanned debate this past May 31 between Ken Ham, the face of AiG and the Creation Museum, and Dr. Hugh Ross, perhaps the most well-known old-earth creationist.

TBN invited these two men, as well as Ray Comfort, Dr. John A. Bloom, Sean McDowell, and Eric Hovind to be “interviewed” by host Matt Crouch.  TBN said it was not a debate.  Two minutes before the show started, Mr. Crouch announced to these guests that they’d all be interviewed “together” on the show.  In making this decision, the disarming and charming Mr. Crouch set the groundwork for a great debate.  In fact, that’s exactly what happened.  With this background information, the first twenty minutes or so of the “interview” is amusing as these guests try to get their bearings and figure out what’s going on.  Likely due to intelligent design and not blind chance, the guests were evenly divided between young earth (Ham, Comfort, Hovind) and old earth (Ross, Bloom, McDowell).  After about a half-hour, the guests settled in for the exchange of conflicting ideas and the debate was thereafter fairly dominated by Ham and Ross, which is a good thing for the audience as each man is firmly in command of his beliefs and able to communicate them well.  They’ve debated several times and it shows as they parry back and forth regarding what scripture reveals regarding how God created and its implications for believers.

This surprise debate has turned into a surprise hit. As of this posting, there have been over 35,000 views already on TBN’s website, and they haven’t yet released it to Youtube.  Like the “surprise” debate itself, viewing it lures you in and doesn’t let you go.  It’s the most engaging theological debate of recent memory.

Ken Ham states:

Many viewers have found that this debate has turned into a great teaching tool to help Christians understand how to defend the Christian faith, and to get them to realize that the age of the earth issue is not a side issue, but one that really is an authority issue about the Bible—a battle between the authority of the Word of God and the beliefs of fallible, sinful humans.  I have heard of professors using this debate to teach students the real foundational issue over a lack of accepting biblical authority that is so destructive to the church and culture.

Pastor Don Landis, who serves as AiG’s chairman of the board and is the founder of Jackson Hole Bible College, recently explained that while the creation debate within the church is about the authority of scripture, it is also about the character and nature of Jesus Christ.  The old-earth compromisers invariably have Christ as the author of death and disease, well before the fall of mankind.  This has substantial theological implications.

If you are a Christian who takes the word of God seriously, please take the time to watch the debate, here.  Please also listen to Pastor Landis’ important analysis here: 2012-06-08 Don Landis.  You will be blessed by these messages.

God Bless!

June 2, 2012

A Simple Life

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My favorite book was wrote about
A man that died to save my soul
And my favorite thing to hear is
Daddy, I’m so glad your home
And my favorite woman is 5’3”
With long black brown hair and green brown eyes
Yeah I live a simple life.

– Ricky Skaggs
(AJB revis.)

May 10, 2012

Political Debt Road Trip!

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April 22, 2012

Lord I Lift Your Name On High!

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Petra — the original Christian rocksters …

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