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Christmas Town

Last Saturday, we visited Christmas Town at the Creation Museum.  This all volunteer production by Answers in Genesis was fantastic – fun, interesting, and well planned.  Our kids particularly enjoyed it.  True to the AiG brand, the fun is blended with God honoring content.  It’s the first time I’ve watched a live manger scene coupled with an archeologist explaining the circumstances surrounding Christ’s birth and the evidences for believing the Bible.  The lights display is beautiful. The presentations and shows are entertaining and true to Scripture, with one exception that was glaring to our southern sensibilities – the 27 degree Northern Kentucky weather once the sun went down.  Many shows are, however, inside, and even in the arctic-Bethlehem outside, there are fires, heaters and lots of hot chocolate with which to keep warm.  Christmas Town is well worth the trip.

Catch a glimpse of the amazing events that surrounded the wonder of our Savior’s birth when you visit the Creation Museum during the annual Christmas event, “Christmas Town.”

Featuring a live nativity, dazzling lights, and live dramas, Christmas Town is becoming an annual tradition for families all across the region (17,000 visitors came in 2009 and 22,000 in 2010).  All of the wonderfully made presentations are free and there were substantial discounts on AiG products being offered for sale.  See schedule here.

Merry Christmas!

By Christ Ranger

God is great!

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