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Debtor Demographics

From Mark Steyn’s Happy Warrior column, National Review July 18, 2011:

A government big enough to give you everything you want isn’t big enough to get you to give any of it back.  That’s the stage Greece is at and so, to one degree or another, is the rest of the Western world.  In the United States, our democracy is trending as Athenian as the rest: We’re the Brokest Nation in History, but, as those Medicare polls suggest, getting enough people to give enough of it back isn’t going to be any easier than it is in Greece.  From Athens to Madison, Wis., too many people have gotten used to a level of comfort and ease they haven’t earned.

The social capital of a nation is built up over centuries but squandered in a generation or two.  With blithe self-confidence, the post-war West changed too much too fast.  We changed everything, and yet we’ll still wonder why everything’s changed.

By Christ Ranger

God is great!

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