marriage and family Poem

A Father’s Prayer

Lord, strengthen me that I may be
A fit example for my son.
Grant he may never hear or see
A shameful deed that I have done.
How ever sorely I am tried,
Let me not undermine his pride.

Lord, make me tolerant and wise,
Incline my ears to hear him through.
Let him not stand with downcast eyes
Fearing to trust me and be true.
Instruct me so that I may know
They way son and I should go.

When he shall err as once I did,
Or boyhood’s folly bids him stray,
Let me not into anger fly
And drive the good in him away.
Teach me to win his trust – that he
Shall keep no secret hid from me.

Lord, as his father now I pray
For manhood’s strength and counsel wise,
Let me deal justly day by day,
In all that fatherhood implies.
To be his father, keep me fit,
Let me not play the hypocrite.

Edgar Guest

By Christ Ranger

God is great!

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