National Day of Prayer

The mission of today’s National Day of Prayer is “to mobilize prayer in America and to encourage personal repentance and righteousness in the culture.”

Please pray:

  • for our nation in regard to the fight against terrorism and also for the safety of our military worldwide.
  • that America would return to the authority of the Bible, especially as the nation deals with issues like “gay” marriage, abortion, stem-cell research, etc.
  • for guidance and wisdom for churches and ministries nationwide, and that God will bless our churches as they proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and seek to bring about reformation and repentance.  
  • for the persecuted church worldwide. For example, the Chinese government continues to crack down on Christians, including the recent arrest of 47 believers (in broad daylight) at an unregistered Beijing church; other members of this church have lost their jobs. Pray that Christians in China will be able to exercise religious freedom.
  • for each of us to submit to God and be transformed to the likeness of Christ in our daily lives.

By Christ Ranger

God is great!

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