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Blundering engagement with a fragile, rude giant

The recent visit by Chinese President Hu Jintao was by my estimation the most signficant foreign policy event of President Obama’s administration, outside his handling of our ongoing wars in the Mideast.  I agree with engaging the Chinese at the highest levels and trying to integrate them further into and encourage their advances in deregulated markets and currency, however, President Obama performed poorly in how he conducted this engagement.  The Telegraph makes the case for polite, but firm appeasement of the Chinese, underscoring the fundamentally fragile nature of China’s economy and its demographics.  See here.  Obama is correct to engage, but incorrect to convey such deference and honor to a country that is not our ally — ideologically, economically or militarily. 

PRELL: China: U.S. No. 1 no more:

And, while this year’s Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo, rots in a Chinese jail, last year’s Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Barack Obama, hosts a state dinner in honor of Liu Xiaobo’s jailers.

What a memorable state dinner it must have been, what with the ChiCom’s playing for President Obama one of their favorite anti-US songs about killing the US jackal, a patriotic song based on  their Korea war experience.  What audacity to play it in our Whitehouse to our POTUS.  A dinner for the classless (no Marxist pun intended) offered by the clueless.  See Nordlinger’s A Song and an Obscenity