10 Observations on 2010

 A majority of Americans want a made for TV, iconic, left-wing President, at least until he actually tries to implement left-wing policies.

A callous on the arch of your foot doesn’t hurt or cause problems, until you try to remove it with a utility knife.

It’s okay to like Noah’s ark, so long as it’s a cutesy little story confined to preschool walls.  The Ark strikes a nerve however when it’s built to scale and treated as something that really happened.

Still wasn’t a good year to sell your house.

Homeschooling moms are still a unique blend of saint, drill sergeant, multi-tasking guru, motivational speaker, and teacher.

In the United States, pornography remains the most popular content, with increasing numbers of children’s watching it and being exploited in it.  Yet no one wants to talk about it let alone do anything about it.  Homosexuality is quickly being normalized.  It’s increasingly clear that traditional and Biblical Judeo-Christian norms on human sexuality are being marginalized and even ostracized. 

Theme music for breaking out of worldly ruts – “Smash it. Break it. Shake it. Annihilate it.”  – Andy Hunter.  May God’s Kingdom collide with the World.  Collide.  Best album in 2010 IMO. 

Hanson’s Pure Cane Sugar Ginger Ale redefines what “good” ginger ale tastes like.

A fast bike does not make it easier to pace yourself and save yourself for the run in a triathlon.

Children grow up really quickly.

And an 11th for 2011: The older I get, the better cheeseburgers taste.

Belated entry: Bella – movie of the year …

By Christ Ranger

God is great!

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