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Tempest in the taxpayer funded NPR teapot

On a subsequent O’Reilly show, liberal NPR analyst Juan Williams was explaining the importance of not stereotyping everyone within a religion because of the violent acts of some members of the religion.  In the course of his argument, he said that when he’s on a public flight, he worries when he sees people on the flight whose dress makes it clear that they are devote Muslims.

I’ve been on many flights since 9/11, and on numerous occasions since then have experienced the same concerns.  If I watched Mr. O’Reilly’s show and heard the statement, it would’ve registered as a yawner … a statement of the obvious.  As Mr. Krauthammer points out, this admission by Mr. Williams wasn’t too terribly different from Mr. Jackson’s admission years ago that when he hears footsteps approaching him from behind at night, he’s relieved when he sees it’s not a young black man.  In the case of Mr. Williams, there was one big difference with this admission — the consequence.  NPR promptly fired him.

Never a shrinking violet, Mr. Williams explains here why he’s none to happy with NPR’s punishment.  That liberals are intolerant of dissent is nothing new.  That federally funded NPR is a bastion of liberals and Washington DC group-think should only be a surprise to someone who doesn’t listen to NPR.  What is, however, somewhat surprising, is how, accordingly to Mr. Williams, the leadership at NPR militantly opposes anything that even gives the appearance of cooperating with conservatives.  I could care less about any of this if NPR was a private entity, supported by the fruits of its own labors.  However the fact that my tax dollars support these left-wing wind bags makes it chaffing.  In 1994, I hoped that one of the “Republican Revolution” results would be the defunding of NPR.  Mr. William’s timing is perfect.  Hopefully a 2011 Republican Congress will take note and act accordingly.  O’Reilly is making the same point here.

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