When juries rule against a student studying his Bible at recess….

It’s one thing for school administrators and legal elites to serially discriminate against Christianity in the public sphere.  It reaches an entirely new and much more dangerous level when our peers, as reflected in our courtroom juries, follow the lead in discriminating against the free exercise of Christianity. 

In Knoxville, Kentucky, a jury recently held that a public school could prohibit its 5th grade students from studying and discussing their Bibles during recess. The federal judge overseeing the case upheld the jury’s decision.  A ten-year-old student and some of his friends had been studying and discussing their Bibles during recess.  A student complained and the principle prohibited any further Bible studies at recess. 

Prejudice against Christianity from a federal judge in the form of allowing such content based discrimination isn’t surprising.  A jury from the American heartland upholding such blatant discrimination is a cause for concern.  Full story here.

By Christ Ranger

God is great!

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