How do you read letters?

My thought of the day…

When you read a letter sent to you from a loved one, what is your frame of mind before you open the envelope and begin reading it? You may know their whereabouts, their circumstances, health, financial situation, family problems, struggles, and on and on. The words in the letter are much more meaningful because you may have a better clue as to the reason, the urgency, the encouragement for writing you. You have a better idea as to what the impact is to you, how you can help, how you should respond.

When you read the letters of the New Testament, do you commonly go through the motions of reading the verses? Do you just try to find a meaning for the verse(s) as it applies to your life situations? Or do you take the time to really understand why the author was writing the letter. What was their motive? Where were they writing from? Where were the reciptients? What did they fear?

Although the authors died almost 2,000 years ago, try getting to know them as much as possible and the timing and situation that they wrote it. And since you are reading the letters as more of an interceptor then the actual recipient of the letter, get to know the recipients. The verses than have so much more impact to your life and walk with Christ.

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